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Internationalization survey is open

On November 9, 2017, the College formally began an initiative to gather feedback from our community to develop an internationalization strategy.

Watch the launch video.

Since the launch, the working group has met with over 40 individual departments and divisions to begin the consultation process. In addition, over 150 employees participated in world café forums to develop goals for this strategy.

Data from the forums have identified key components of an internationalization strategy. The working group and advisory committee are now seeking broad consultation from faculty, staff, and students through a survey. In this survey you are:

  • Provided with the key components identified through forums in areas of intercultural competence, student success, employee satisfaction, meaningful contribution to society, and quality of education
  • Asked to provide your feedback on how appropriate you feel each component is
  • Asked to rank your top components in each area
  • Provided with an opportunity to comment or add your feedback on missing components.

This is your chance to have a say regarding the future of internationalization at Langara. If we do this right, what does internationalization look like in the Langara context?

Take the survey.

Learn more about the internationalization strategy development.

You are encouraged to participate in this process. Thank you for your valuable input.

Ian Humphreys 
Provost and Vice-President, Academics and Students 

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