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Summer Survivor – deadline extended

In celebration of a promising summer patio season, the Langara College Foundation is hosting its 1st SOS Summer Survivor contest! Deadline extended to Wednesday, June 20 – don’t miss out! 

Do you love beer or cider? Make it to the final tribal council (last five participants) and you could win up to 60 bottles of beer or cider.

Please help us to spread the word and share this email with your friends.

Here’s how it works:
  1. Each person pays a $20 entry fee;
  2. Bring either your favorite beer or specialty craft beer or cider:
    • Minimum value $15
    • Size and number of bottles submitted will vary on the value, but must equal a minimum value of $15 to secure your spot on the island
    • Example: Six-pack or large bottle/s
  3. Each workday between Thursday, June 21 to Thursday, June 28, the Foundation will randomly draw participant names who will no longer be part of the competition;
  4. In true Survivor style, you can buy immunity for a small fee to get back into the draw;
  5. Be one of the last five remaining contestants and win a share of the beer and cider pool;
  6. Maximum of 60 participants.
  • Email Heidy Rahnumah in the Langara College Foundation with the subject line – Summer Survivor.
  • Bring your $20 entry fee (cash only) and beer or cider to Heidy (B112) by Wednesday, June 20.
  • Option: The Foundation will buy the beer or cider for you for an extra $15.
  • Deadline to join is Wednesday, June 13. Deadline extended to Wednesday, June 20.
  • The final five survivors will share the final prize of beer and cider.
  • You can earn immunity (chance to stay in the game), and each person can buy up to two immunity passes for $10 each. If your name is drawn and you have immunity, you will automatically be put back in the draw.
    • You may choose to pay an additional $20 up front with your entry fee.
    • Or, if your name is pulled, email Heidy Rahnumah and pay $10 by 4:00 pm on the day of the draw.
  • People are voted off the island each day of the contest, and the list will be updated daily by 12:00 pm.
Monies Raised:
  • All monies raised will go towards awards, bursaries and projects that support student success.

Good luck to all participants. We look forward to hearing your stories about what’s brewing at your summer barbecue.

Thank you for your support!

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