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New Post-Degree Diploma program in Data Analytics

It gives me great pleasure to announce the Mathematics & Statistics department is offering a new Post-Degree Diploma in Data Analytics starting January 2019. This program draws on expertise from the Mathematics & Statistics, Computer Science and Information Systems, Langara School of Management and English departments. This is an exciting opportunity as graduates from the program will meet the growing demand in data analytics processes. Courses will be offered in the evenings to allow for flexible study options.

This program will appeal to recent graduates and working professionals who like working with data and interpreting results to support technical and strategic business decisions. Students will focus on the entire lifecycle of the data analytics process from acquisition through analysis to presentation of results. The program ends with a capstone project to apply their knowledge before starting a new career.

Through collaboration with industry partners, students will gain experience handling real-life data from fields such as telecommunications, finance, and health care industries. Students in the program will work with industry-standard software applications to analyze data and gain skills to effectively communicate their findings.

Margaret Heldman
Dean, Faculty of Science

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