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Jun 18–22 – United Way Summer Craft & Gift Fair

The United Way Committee here at the College is holding a Summer Craft & Gift Fair June 18–22, in the Main Foyer, to raise money for this very worthy charity.

Table space is rented out to local craft & gift vendors on a daily basis, and the proceeds go towards Langara’s annual United Way Campaign (which takes place largely in the fall semester every year).

So please check it out in your coffee or lunch breaks, or at the end of the work day – the fair is open until at least 6 pm. All sorts of intriguing crafts & gifts will be on sale, so come by and see what appeals to you.

Buying crafts from the local vendors encourages them to come back for our subsequent craft fairs and thus helps raise even more money in the future for Langara’s annual United Way Campaign.

The next Fair will not be until September, so come on by and check this one out in the Main Foyer!

Thank you,

Alan Brain

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