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Walking Forum

At Langara we recognize our employees have very busy schedules. At times it can be difficult to get away from the office and take that much needed break. Leveraging off the success of the February Walking Challenge, we would like to introduce the Walking Forum!

The goal is for employees to easily connect with other employees, who may also be interested in going for a walk throughout the work day. It also is a great way to connect with employees you may not otherwise meet through your day to day work activities. A walk can be a great way to break up your day, take your mind off work and get outdoors. It also provides numerous health benefits and is proven to reduce stress, boost brain activity and improve immune function.

To support the Walking Forum we have created an account through Slack is a website that allows the user to create channels of communication by building a unique workspace.

How does it work?

Employees interested in joining the “Walking Forum” can click on the link below:


Employees will then be prompted to either create an account or login into their existing Slack account using their Langara email address. Once this is complete the employee will be able to create posts or comment within the Langara College “Walking Forum” workspace.

To ensure security of the site, Human Resources will moderate the account to ensure the users are employees, in addition to monitoring the content. Only users with Langara emails will be able to access this secure workspace.

This initiative is for employees of Langara College only and not open to students. Do not share the link with non-employees.

We encourage you to get outside, enjoy the fresh air and take a walk around the neighborhood or Langara golf course trail. Join the Walking Forum today!

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