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Study Abroad field schools Summer 2019

We are delighted to announce the following Study Abroad Fields School for Summer 2019:

China & Korea Field School
Kenneth Wong, Langara School of Management, and Avram Agov, Asian Studies

The China and Korea Field School itinerary will include Seoul, South Korea, and Shanghai, China, as well as the possible addition of another South East Asian location. Kenneth is an experienced field school leader with extensive experience and contacts in South East Asia, and Avram is an internationally recognized Korean scholar.  The field school will consist of six credits: INTB 2000 (Introduction to International Business) and ASIA 3386 (Asian Century: Modern Korea).

Japan Field School
Nariko Takayanaki and Benjamin Wood, Asian Studies

Nariko and Ben are both experienced field school leaders. Nariko is a native Japanese speaker with close ties to several universities in Japan. Ben has a PhD in Religious Studies and teaches Buddhism and Asian Religions, has lived in Japan for 4 years, and is a proficient speaker of the language. This field school itinerary will include Tokyo, Kyoto, and Mito, including close contact with our affiliated institutions, Ryukoku and Tokiwa Universities. In addition there will be a unique opportunity for an overnight visit to Koyasan, a mountain-top temple complex and one of Japan’s most significant Buddhist sites. This field school consists of nine credits: ASIA 2215 (Japanese Society and Culture), ASIA 1135 (Japanese History and Culture), and ASIA 1120 (Religions of the East).

If you have any questions about these exciting field studies offerings, please contact the instructors. If you would like more information on Study Abroad Field Schools opportunities, visit the Field Schools website.

Martin Gerson, 
Interim Vice-President Academic & Provost 

Jacqueline Bradshaw,
Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences

Margaret Heldman,
Dean, Faculty of Sciences

Ian McBain,
Dean, Faculty of Arts

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