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Updated procedures for office moves

As the number of office moves across the campus has grown significantly over the past several years, Facilities and IT have developed a joint online form to better capture information and help support these moves.

If you have a confirmed move for yourself coming up or if you are responsible for moving others in your department, please complete the online form linked below at least 2-4 weeks prior to your expected move date. Failure to submit the online form at least 2 weeks in advance will result in delays. The information will be reviewed by Facilities and IT and you will be contacted shortly thereafter.

If you have a move planned for this coming winter semester and it has not yet been communicated, please complete the Move Request Form ASAP as project commitments may prevent our departments from assisting. Please note: IT will be unable to assist with any office moves in September.

Please also check out the Office Move Instructions for important information regarding blackout periods, packing supplies, moving office furniture, technology and much more.

Given enough notice, we will make every effort to find a solution.

Facilities Department and IT Services

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