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 MG 2008

News from the Applied Research Centre!

Langara’s Applied Research Centre (ARC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Natasha Mrkic-Subotic, Jenny Francis, and Kevin Craib to the team who are excited to support your research goals.

Natasha’s role is that if the Social Innovation Coordinator. If your research plans are in the areas of social science, humanities, or arts, Natasha can help you achieve your vision. Natasha has many years of experience working in social innovation. Please contact Natasha ( with your social innovation ideas!

Jenny is appointed to the position of Qualitative Research Consultant. Jenny brings to the office a wealth of applied research experience and is available to assist faculty with research design, funding (including grant applications), methodology, ethics (including ethical review application), analysis, and reporting. Please contact Jenny ( if you have any questions about your qualitative research project!

Kevin will be acting as the Quantitative Research Consultant. His extensive background in statistical analysis of research results allows him to provide sound advice on the numerical analysis component of your research, from experimental design through analysis. Kevin ( looks forward to helping with your technical challenges.

Kelly Sveinson is the Chair of the Applied Research Centre and is happy to discuss your research and scholarship thoughts (

Margaret Heldman
Chair, Scholarly Activity Steering Committee (SASC)
Associate Vice-President, Academic

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