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Reminder: parking pass renewals

Start the semester off on the right foot by renewing your expired temporary parking pass.

Temporary Parking Passes: are granted to employees with a contract end date.

To Renew a Temporary Parking Pass:

  1. Please re-apply by filling out another parking pass application form. The forms are located in the mailroom and the facilities portable.
  2. Once the form is completed, please hand in to the facilities department located in the portable closest to the B building.

Permanent Passes: are granted to employees who do not have a contract end date.

Permanent pass holders do not need to get their parking pass renewed as these will automatically carry over. If you are a new applicant please see instructions under the Temporary Parking Passes section.

Yellow Preferred Lot Passes: are given to permanent employees who have requested, been granted access and paid for parking in the preferred lot.

Please note: Yellow preferred lot parking passes are no longer available as parking spaces have all been filled. Staff wanting a preferred lot parking pass must be put on the wait list by emailing for further instructions. 

Temporary passes that are about to expire should be renewed early to avoid parking tickets. There will be a short courtesy period at the start of September.

If you have any questions or concerns please email

Thank you.
Facilities Department

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