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Mailroom Map

New mailroom layout

The mailroom has a new layout and there are a few changes staff and faculty should note:

  • There is one drop off slot for all regular sized mail, regardless of whether or not there is postage, and one bin in front of the mail slot for all oversized parcels.
  • Faculty mailboxes starting with A–M begin beside the wall by the photocopiers; mailboxes N–Z are located across from the Administration and Departmental mailboxes.
      • Permanent Faculty: All Permanent Faculty have been assigned an individual mailbox.
      • Term Faculty: Please check the General Department shared mailboxes which have been set up alphabetically by department in the Faculty mailbox section.
  • Some departments do not have regular mailboxes and have mail bins instead. They are located just below the department mailboxes. Departments that have mail bins include:
        • Library Services
        • Bookstore
        • CAPER BC
        • Communication and Marketing
        • Continuing Studies
        • Facilities
        • Langara School of Management
        • Printshop Services
        • Purchasing
        • Registrar and Enrollment Services
  • Supplies such as inter-office envelopes, letterhead paper and whiteboard markers are in the same place as before.
  • The exam booklets are beside the supplies to the left.
  • New Print Shop pick-up bins are to the right of the supplies.
  • The office supply request forms are by the department mailboxes. Please put all office supply request forms in the Facilities mail bin.
    • Once supplies are filled by the mail clerk, they will be put into your mailbox or in the orange labelled bins in alphabetical order by last name. The bins are located to the right of the Facilities mail bin.
  • Unfamiliar with the new layout? No worries, a mailroom map is displayed on the cork board above the photocopiers and on the sorting table for your easy reference.

    Mail slot for all regular sized mail and oversized envelopes

    Facilities Department

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