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Emergency and safety procedures

To all employees,

This is a reminder to please review the following safety guides and procedures. Click on the links below:

1. Emergency Procedures Quick Guide
– The guide is a simple and easy reference for what to do in a variety of emergency situations and is based on comprehensive emergency planning, development, and training.

2. Safety & Security at Langara College
– This site will tell you how to contact a representative on the College Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee. It will also tell you how to access emergency first aid and campus security.

3. Reporting Instructions for Employees and Working Students Who Become Injured
– Get detailed information on how to promptly report an injury suffered while at work.

In addition, please note the following:

Ergonomic Audits
If you would like an assessment of your work area and work practice with regard to proper ergonomic set up, please email Cynthia Fudgell at

Working Alone / Working After Hours
Employees who usually work Monday to Friday are reminded that they must sign in at campus security when coming on campus on weekends and statutory holidays. Employees who stay on campus past 2230 hours, Monday to Friday, should phone campus security at 604.562.1011 giving their location on campus. All employees who have signed or phoned in that they are on campus should phone campus security when they depart the campus.

If you have any questions about any of this important occupational health, safety, and security information, please feel free to call me.

David Aucoin (local 5148)
Manager, Safety, Security & Emergency Management

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