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Volunteer notetakers

Accessibility Services is partnered with VOLT (Langara’s Student Volunteer Program)

Instructors: If you receive an Accessibility Services Accommodation Letter from a registered student requesting a Volunteer Notetaker, please inform your class that any student who serves in this capacity may join VOLT and could be eligible for contests, scholarships, giveaways, and other rewards and recognition.

A VOLT program card for confirming notetaker hours is included with the notetaker paper you will give to the Volunteer Notetaker. (The student requesting the notetaker picks up the notetaker paper from Accessibility Services and provides it to you).

Once you have recruited the Volunteer Notetaker, you may refer them to VOLT directly to sign up.

If you have any questions, please contact Suzanne Munson (Manager, Accessibility Services) at 5998 or Maggie Stewart (Volunteer Program Coordinator, VOLT) at 5700.

Thank you for your support of students with disabilities!
Accessibility Services

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