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Fall 2018 furniture and maintenance requests

In order to better plan for and support the needs of the College, the Facilities Department will begin to make regularly scheduled calls for submissions of maintenance and furniture requests.

Calls for submission will take place at the start of each semester and requests can be made using the Furniture Request Form and the Maintenance Request Form on the Langara website. Requests need to be reviewed and approved by your Dean or Director (as appropriate) prior to submission.

Requests will need to be submitted by the applicable deadline to Facilities, where each submission will be estimated for cost and feasibility and evaluated by the Facilities team for acceptance.

Evaluation of each submission will be based on the following considerations:

1) Health and safety issues
2) Changes in program offerings or departmental growth
3) Opportunities for operational efficiencies
4) Enhancements to the learning environment

Approved submissions will be prioritized based on resource availability and needs and will be filled within the fiscal year. Any unapproved submissions from prior periods must be re-submitted in order to be considered for the following period.

The Fall Semester submission period starts September 4 and ends on September 21.

Facilities Department

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