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Solar Panel T Building

Fall 2018 energy management update

Our energy management targets continue through the fall semester. Here are the latest highlights, and what you can expect this term:

Completed projects:

  • Installed solar panels as a renewable energy source on top of the Science and Technology Building. The energy provided from the solar panels will assist energy use in the greenhouse and other parts of the building.
  • Carbon Action Neutral Report: As part of the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets Act, all public sector organizations, including Langara College, report their GHG emissions and energy use to the BC government. We are proud to announce that in 2017, Langara reduced its overall absolute emissions by 31% compared to the 2007 baseline year. The 2017 carbon neutral action report is available now.

Projects in progress:

  • Increased installation of more efficient and affordable lighting solutions with improved LED technologies to save on energy, update aged equipment and decrease ongoing maintenance costs.
  • Continuing to monitor and report on energy usage and larger systems performance, looking for low cost opportunities (ie schedule changes/alignment with occupancy, general systems review and commissioning, etc.).
  • Continuing with the cafeteria kitchen’s “Turn off when not in use” campaign and other similar campaigns.
  • In the next few months, the College will be adding more electric car charging stations on our campus.

Facilities Team

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