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Goods Swap wrap up

A Goods Swap reduces waste by facilitating the reuse of unwanted goods.

In the summer of 2016, four students in ECON 1119 organized the first Goods Swap at Langara College by collecting donations of household items and distributing them to Langara students, staff and faculty for free.

The most recent Goods Swap (#6) happened on Thursday, September 27 with the support of Langara’s Action Plan Action Group (APAG) 5: Environmental, Financial and Social Sustainability and the volunteer efforts of students in the VOLT Volunteer Program.

Thousands of items including DVDs, CDs, toys, sports equipment, lamps, kitchenware, artwork, clothing, and jewelry found new homes.

The event also generated $210 for the College’s Environmental Studies bursary.

Thank you everyone that donated items to the Goods Swap or donated money to the bursary.

Fulton Tom,
Instructor, Economics 

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