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TCDC – Exploring Culture

Are you interested in exploring culture through research presentations, workshops, and discussion groups this semester? If so, check out the options below and click on the titles to find out more and sign up.

Our South Asian Students
October 25, 9:30 am-11:30 am, Room T228
Attitudes and Intentions: Thoughts of Education and Learning among South Asian Students – presentation by Gagun Chhina, Sociology Instructor

A Langara Instructor’s Impressions of the Indian High School Experience
November 22, 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm, Room A253

In the summer of 2018, 7 high schools in Punjab province and Greater Delhi were visited in order try to get a sense of the nature of instruction and learning – presentation by Ken Naumann, Health Sciences/Biology instructor

Indigenous Education Learning Circle- Diving Deep Into Indigenizing and Decolonizing Dialogues
October 25th, 12:30-1:45pm Room TBA

Please join us for the inaugural session of our Indigenous Education Learning Circle! We will begin with a couple of key articles on Indigenization in post-secondary environments to set together the foundation for our future circles. For our first session, we will be discussing two articles: First Nations and Higher Education: The Four R’S – Respect, Relevance, Reciprocity, Responsibility by Drs. Verna Kirkness and Ray Barnhard (2001), and 100 Ways: Indigenizing and Decolonizing Academic Programs by Shauneen Pete (2016).

‘SOMETHING’S UP’ Intercultural Inquiry Series
Tuesdays, 9:30 am to 10:30 am, Room T228
Is communication that seems clear and concise to you misinterpreted by others? Do you get the sense that something’s up? Could it be an intercultural communication clash? Culture has a strong influence on how we communicate. How does the increase in cultural diversity on campus affect your communication with students? This series of discussion-style workshops will look at several cultural dimensions that influence how we communicate with each other.

  • Individualist vs Collectivist  (October 16)
  • Low vs High Power Distance (October 23)
  • Low vs High Uncertainty Avoidance (October 30)
  • Cooperative vs Competitive (November 6)
  • Punctuality vs Relationships (November 13)
  • Direct vs Indirect Communication (November 20)
  • Being vs Doing (November 27)
  • Particularist vs Universalist (December 4)
  • Expressiveness (December 11)
  • Social Norms (December 18)

Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education
(Dates through Nov. TBA)
This popular six session UBC Mooc will be offered again.

  • Week 1: Reconciliation Through Education
  • Week 2: History of Indigenous Education
  • Week 3: Learning from Indigenous Worldviews
  • Week 4: Learning from Story
  • Week 5: Learning from the Land
  • Week 6: Engaging in Respectful Relations

You can find all TCDC professional development opportunities by visiting either

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If you have any questions please contact Daryl Smith (5098) or

Carolyn Wing  M Ed
Educational Development Coordinator, Teaching Curriculum Development Center (TCDC)

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