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2018 Outstanding Alumni Award winners

We were proud to honour our 2018 Outstanding Alumni Award (OAA) recipients at an on-campus lunch reception on Thursday, November 1, 2018. Past Outstanding Alumni Award recipients, alumni, and members of the College community came together to celebrate the significant contributions made by Langara alumni in their profession, at Langara, and to society-at-large.

“The contributions of this year’s alumni award recipients truly are outstanding,” said Dr. Lane Trotter, President and CEO, Langara College. “This year we are proud to honour people who are professional and personal champions for others. From a politician and pioneer for LGBTQ rights to an accomplished indigenous accountant, doctor and medical researcher, and young reconciliation advocate, each, in their own way, are making a positive impact. The 2018 recipients illustrate how the College and students and are making a difference in the community, now and over the past 49 years.” he added.

The 2018 Langara Outstanding Alumni Award recipients are:

  • Dustin Anderson – Arts & Science (2005) – Doctor, medical researcher, and prolific musician and songwriter.
  • The Hon. Tim Stevenson – General Arts (1972) – Pioneer and champion for the LGBT community as a politician and activist. Tim is also one of Langara’s first students in 1970.
  • Charlene Taylor – Arts & Sciences (1979) – Role model in her community, blazing a trail for women and indigenous people in accounting.
  • Charlene Seward (Rising Star) – Geography (2010) – Advocate for the people, facilitating conversations about reconciliation across Canada.

Visit to learn more about this year’s winners, including interviews with each of them. Learn more about this year’s recipients on our website.

The Outstanding Alumni Awards will be replaced in 2019 by 49 Langarans – a special anniversary award and event. To celebrate Langara’s 49th anniversary, the College will honour 49 outstanding Langarans who have had the greatest impact on the College, their field or the community. Nominations for 49 Langarans are now open online. The selected 49 Langarans will be honoured at an event in November 2019. All alumni, employees, students and community partners that have been part of Langara’s 49-year journey are eligible. Further information on 49 Langarans is available at

If you know any exceptional alumni who should be considered for 49 Langarans or Outstanding Alumni Awards in the future, contact Yvonne Ohara by email

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