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City Of Vancouver

Langara Alumni visits City Hall

In honour of our 49th anniversary and Beyond 49, our Alumni & Community Engagement team are on the look out for lost Langarans. On October 29, the team brought a little magic to the City of Vancouver celebrating and reconnecting with Langarans (students, graduates and employees) who have been part of our journey over the past 49 years. City employees including OAA winner and instructor, Tim Stevenson were joined by Studio 58 graduate and magician, Camilo for a special luncheon event and performance.

Photos from the event are now available on Flickr.

If you would like to help us find lost Langarans and spread the word about Beyond 49, please contact Alumni & Community Engagement by email The team would be happy to help organize an event or on-site celebration for Langarans across Vancouver.

Yvonne Ohara
Manager, Alumni & Community Engagement


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