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Holiday Hamper

Holiday Hamper 2018 important update

If you want an easy way to support the Holiday Hamper program this year, we’ve made it easy for you to donate money online, receive a tax receipt..…. all from the comforts of your own desk. No busy malls or parking lots!

Hurry and get your donation in prior to November 30th.

Holiday Hamper Signup:

  • Select your donation amount
    • Emailed tax receipts provided for $20+ donations
  • Choose your department from the drop down list (or choose general donation)
    • All department donations will go towards the hamper being organized by that department
    • All general donations will be disbursed to any hamper that needs to be topped up

Happy shopping!

Jordan & Sharie
Langara Holiday Hamper Elves
Organized by the Financial Aid Department

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