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Deadline extended! 2018 Holiday Survivor

The deadline to enter Holiday Survivor has been extended until end of day, Monday December 4. The first tribal council will be on Tuesday December 5.

Do you love competition and wine? Are you ready for alliances, immunities, and strategic tribe swapping? SOS Holiday Survivor is back! And you’re invited to be part of this year’s game. Get ready to grab a tiki torch, make alliances, win immunities, and have some fun.

Deadline to enter Holiday Survivor has been extended to end of day Monday, December 4. This year’s final tribal council will be held on Thursday, December 13, 4:00 pm-5:00 pm.

How to enter:

  • Complete the entry form and pay the $20 entry fee by Friday, November 30
  • Bring a 750ml bottle of wine to Heidy Rahnumah (B112) by Friday, November 30. No homemade wine please. Don’t have time to buy a bottle? We can pick up one for you, just select this option when registering
  • Consider if you want to improve your odds, by purchasing:
    • Immunity – get back in the game. Two immunities per participant
    • NEW! Tribe Swap – As the game continues, your odds may be improved by switching tribes. Each participant can use one Tribe Swap
New for this year and to up the ante, all survivors will be randomly sorted into different tribes. And you choose if you stay or change tribes. Choose wisely and make it count! Learn more about other twists and the rules of play on the Foundation website. All funds raised will go towards the SOS Emergency Fund and help us reach our Beyond 49 fundraising goal.

Langara College Foundation 


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