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Nov 28–Dec 21 – All Eyes on the Holidays

In October 2018, Reba Noel and Maggie Stewart visited the Baraka Health Clinic as part of a ME to WE trip to rural Kenya.  They were touched by the impact the clinic was making in the lives of the locals from this rural area.  One thing that really touched them was the work the clinic staff was doing in the optometry clinic with surgery and vision testing.  Their real call-to-action moment was hearing the story of an elderly man who has lived the better part of his life thinking he had gone blind.  Once he was seen at the clinic, they performed cataract surgery and fitted him with glasses.  This was the first time he had seen clearly in decades.  When Maggie and Reba saw the limited supplies from the dispensing opticians office, they had an idea.  Back at home, there are always people looking to dispose of old eyewear and there are lots of eyeglasses in the lost and found.

All Eyes on the Holidays is an opportunity for the Langara Community to support the optometry arm of this clinic.  They are hoping you can adorn the Christmas tree at the Engagement Kiosk in the Main Foyer with your eye glasses.  The tree will be up until the holiday closure on December 21.  With connections in both the Nairobi and Toronto offices of WE, there will be no cost to get the glasses into the hands of those who need them most.

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