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Faculty of Science – Dean’s Honour Roll

The Faculty of Science hosted a private celebration in the employee lounge on Thursday, January 17 to honour and recognize over 300 outstanding students whose admirable work placed them on the Dean’s Honour Roll in 2018 (a semester GPA of 3.50). 83 students attended the Dean’s Honour Roll event and faculty from all areas of the Applied Sciences and Mathematics & Sciences programs joined together to celebrate the student’s achievements.

Nora Franzova, Division Chair, Mathematics & Sciences, and Ryan Cawsey, Division Chair, Applied Sciences, opened the event and welcomed the students to celebrate and to be proud of their achievements. Students were then encouraged to mingle with their instructors and faculty members.

Thank you to all Langara employees who attended the event to congratulate students for all their hard work!

View the Flickr gallery to see the event photos.

Gerda Krause
Dean, Faculty of Science 

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