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ERP update: Rocelyn Gonzalez, finance

In addition to our status updates on Workday@Langara (ERP Project), we’ll also be sharing viewpoints individuals from across our community who have roles within the project. Here, Rocelyn Gonzalez, Buyer in our Purchasing Dept., shares her thoughts.

What first drew me to Workday@Langara (our ERP Project) was the chance to learn new technology, so I was excited to start my Workday training in December.

Learning new technology is always challenging, but as you get more experience using it, the more familiar it becomes and the easier it gets. I have also found Workday quite easy to follow from the start, especially compared to systems I’ve used in the past.

What stands out for me about Workday is how well processes flow from start to finish. For example, when purchasing goods or services, if you submitted a requisition, Workday would alert the approver and notify you when it’s been approved.

Switching to Workday will also eliminate a lot of the steps that we currently have and won’t require us to use multiple systems. In the Architect phase starting in February, we will design more efficient workflows that make the most of Workday’s functionality.

I asked to join the project team as a Procurement Subject Matter Expert (SME) because I saw it as an opportunity to contribute my knowledge of purchasing standards, policies and procedure, and procurement strategies.

After completing some training, both virtually and in person, I feel I have a better sense of what Workday will mean for Langara. While making this change and learning a new system will be a challenge at first, I believe it will be worth it in the end.

Rocelyn Gonzalez
Buyer, Purchasing Dept, and Procurement Subject Matter Expert (SME)

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Want to learn more about Workday@Langara? Visit our website or register for our Open House on February 11, 2019.

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