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IT project portfolio in 2019

IT’s Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Team works with various College departments and external partners to focus on delivering College projects that have a core IT component. Here are some of the projects we are working on:

Project Description


Target delivery date: February 2019
Implementing a scheduling and electronic medical records system (Titanium Schedule) for Langara’s Counselling department.

Continuing Studies UPass (CS UPass)

Target delivery date: March 2019
Automating the current CS UPass process to reduce manual processes and allow for inclusion of future CS Programs.
Continuing Studies Interactive Voice Response (CS IVR) Target delivery date: March 2019
Testing a new version of the CS IVR solution (used to process CS student payments) to resolve call quality issues.

Portal/Student Email


Target delivery date: April 2019
Exploring options and producing recommendation report to replace the aging portal functionality for employees and students, including student email.



Target delivery date: April 2019
Setting up three new O365 Sharepoint sites for HR Contract Negotiations, Ed Tech, and the Workday@Langara Project to allow for better collaboration.

Studio 58

Target delivery date: April 2019
Procuring a new and modernized cloud-based scheduling system for the Theatre Arts department.
Secondary Data Centre (DC2) Target delivery date: May 2019
Building a secondary datacenter as a backup for the main datacenter to provide local disaster recovery.
F5 Load Balancer Target delivery date: May 2019
Migrating the old load balancer’s configuration to the new load balancer.
Print Solution Target delivery date: June 2019
Implementing a new Microsoft based print queue solution.
Symplicity Accommodate Target delivery date: June 2019
Implementing Symplicity Accommodate, a cloud-based case management solution for Accessibility Services.
Identity and Access Management Procurement (IAM) Target delivery date: July 2019
Working on RFP to engage a vendor to help Langara implement a new IAM solution.
Education Planner BC
High School Transcripts (EPBC)
Target delivery date: September 2019
Working with EPBC to enable the electronic receipt of XML high school transcripts, which will replace the current TRAX system.
SQL Server Target delivery date: October 2019
Building an up-to-date SQL Server Service to replace an aging infrastructure for the storage of our Non-Banner structured data.
Windows 10 Target delivery date: December 2019
Working to migrate all computers to Windows 10.

Beyond (Facilities work)

Working with Facilities, managing IT upgrades (A/V, computer set-up, network, telephones) in coordination with the renovations/moves around campus.


Meet the PPM team

The Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Team leads projects with IT components, specializing in project and product management, business analysis, quality assurance, and an overall commitment to organizational success.

Under the guidance of the Associate Director of Project Portfolio Management, the PPM team ensures projects are completed successfully.  Project Managers lead multiple projects and work with College stakeholders to meet project deliverables. The Product Manager is responsible for reviewing and evaluating the technical products and leading a team of Business and Quality Assurance Analysts.

If you would like more information about any of these projects, please contact us at:

IT Project Portfolio Management Team

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