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Tuesday Takeaway: Better than balance

Work-life harmony

There’s no such thing as work-life balance. Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, says so:

“…my view is that’s a debilitating phrase because it implies there’s a strict trade-off.”

In a spring 2018 interview with Business Insider, Bezos said that instead of viewing work and life-beyond-work as a balancing act, it is more productive to view them as two integrated parts.

“It actually is a circle. It’s not a balance.”

Like health, the relationship between the two isn’t linear, it’s fluid; some weeks you feel like you’re present in all areas of your life, and other weeks you feel pulled strongly in one direction.

And the idea that anyone can balance—or juggle—everything at once is simply unrealistic.

Rather than competing for time and space, work and personal life should co-exist in harmony.

Work-life harmony, work-life integration, or work-life blend is about integrating your personal life and passions into your work life, and feeling good about what you’re doing, despite how busy you may be.

Here are a few practical ways to help you find harmony:

Stop searching for balance
Accept that balance is an unattainable standard that results in an almost constant feeling of failure.

Be present
Taking power back from the pursuit of perfectionism gives you permission to do what you need to do and be attentive to the needs of the moment. When you’re at work, focus on the activity at hand and give it your all. When you leave work, (try to) leave your work there, too.

Make conscious choices
It’s easy to get caught up in the daily “grind”. Reflect on what you want to achieve with your time and just how much you’re willing to spend on each task, and even your overarching goals. Your time is valuable; is it worth it if you only succeed at the expense of your personal relationships and well-being?

Get rest
Part of managing your time wisely is staying well-rested. If you can’t get the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep every night, a few minutes of mindfulness or meditation can lead to a sharper, more productive and efficient workday.


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