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Stop Food Waste Day

Check out the café and Starbucks and see how we are trying to STOP FOOD WASTE the week of April 8th.

We strive to educate and ignite change
Our Mission

We strive to educate and ignite change regarding the food waste epidemic that we are currently facing. Our goal is to draw attention to the problem as well as create and share creative and impactful solutions. An educated consumer can have tremendous influence on how we store, farm, produce and buy our food.

Take the Pledge and Make Every Day Stop Food Waste Day
30% of all produced food in Canada ends up wasted and in a landfill. That is an alarming number considering the environmental impact of food waste in landfills and the number of Canadians that are “food insecure”.

Food waste in Canada is estimated at $31 billion a year. Food waste doesn’t just waste food! When you add in the cost of other resources such as fuel, water, labour and land, it is a $100 billion waste. Wasted food, wasted water, wasted energy and wasted money!

It starts with you! 47% of all food wasted in our country comes from our own homes. It is time for us to come together to solve this social and environmental crisis.

Resources: Stop Food Waste Day Poster

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