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Message from the Board of Governors

Dear Langara students, faculty, and staff,

On behalf of the Board of Governors, I wanted to express our support to you during what has been a challenging week for our campus community. We are very grateful for the quick response that fire and police services provided and that no one was injured. We want to thank you for the calm and orderly way in which you quickly evacuated campus, and to campus security and the many among you who helped to facilitate.

We hope that you have been making use of the many support services that have been provided to help you through this difficult time, and that you encourage your classmates and colleagues to do the same.

We recognize that there is understandable interest in how and why this situation happened. We want to assure you that Langara is assisting the Vancouver Police Department with their ongoing investigation.  Due to this, we are not able to provide some of the answers that you may be seeking without jeopardizing that investigation and any legal proceedings that follow it. The College also has an obligation to respect privacy legislation, and we ask for your patience and understanding.

We are thankful for the guidance and hard work of Langara’s Senior Leadership Team and Emergency Operations staff this week and are confident in the way they have handled the situation. The Board has been engaged throughout this process, including holding an emergency board meeting. As the Emergency Operations Centre team shifts from emergency response to recovery mode, they will begin reviewing how the process went, as we always seek to learn what we can from these rare situations.

We are very pleased that students have been able to complete the term, that preparations for the summer term are well underway, and that work to repair the T Building is going very well. Thank you for the way in which you have all supported each other.


Ian Mass
Chair, Langara College Board of Governors

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