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Apr 13 – Vaisakhi Parade and Festival

Langara will be joining in on the Vaisakhi festivities on Saturday, April 13. We will be giving out orange bags at the corner of Main Street and 49th Ave. Stop by and say hello!

Put on by the Khalsa Diwan Society, the Vancouver Vaisakhi Festival will take place on Saturday, April 13, from 11:00 am–5:00 pm. The parade starts at 11:00 am at the KDS Ross Sikh Temple at 8000 Ross Street and proceeds down Marine Drive, up Main Street, along 49th Avenue, south at Fraser, east along 57th Avenue, and then down Ross Street back to the temple.

Vaisakhi Parade and Festival
Saturday, April 13
11:00 am–5:00 pm

If you are planning on coming to campus on Saturday, please give yourself more time than usual. Additional parking is available under the Library. Please note the impact on public transit and re-routing of bus routes.

The following routes will be affected:

3-Main | 10:00–18:00 | Regular route to Main & 42nd then via R/42nd, L/Quebec, L/43rd, L/Main to temporary terminus N/B Main & 42nd N/S.

8-Fraser | 10:00–12:30 | Regular route to Fraser & 49th then via R/50th, R/Fredricks, R/49th, L/Fraser then regular route.

8-Fraser | 12:30–18:00 | Regular route to Fraser & 43rd then via R/43rd, R/St. George, R/41st to temporary terminus E/B 41st & St. George F/S.

49-Dunbar | 11:00–18:00 | Regular route to 49th & Knight then via R/Knight, L/41st, L/Cambie, R/49th then regular route.

49-Metrotown | 11:00–18:00 | Regular route to 49th & Cambie then via L/Cambie, R/41st, R/Knight, L/49th then regular route.

100-Marpole | 10:00–12:30 | Regular route to Marine & Knight then via L/Crompton, R/Kent, R/Main, L/Marine Dr then regular route.

For more information, visit Translink Alerts and Advisories.

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