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Top tips: sustainability on campus

Today, Langara will be celebrating Earth Day (Apr 22) by giving you some easy tips you can do to make a world of a difference, starting with your time on campus.

  • #1: Recycle properly. Take the time to put items in the right place to ensure that good recycling isn’t contaminated and gets wasted (literally).
  • #2: Consider cycling or taking public transit once a week instead of driving. With Bike to Work Week (May 27-Jun 2) and the Commuter Challenge (Jun 2-8) coming up, there’s no better time to leave your car behind.
  • #3: Plastic = pollution. Single-use plastics can take hundreds of years to degrade and have become a huge issue on our planet. Skip the plastic straws and plastic bottles, and bring re-useable bags. It’ll make a big difference.
  • #4: Consider a plant-based diet or make it a Meatless Monday. Make at least 50% of your plate veggies, fruits and whole grains, and reduce red meat. Your body will thank you for it, it’s recommended by Canada’s Food Guide, and you’ll decrease the levels of methane gas entering our atmosphere causing climate change.
  • #5: Bring your own cup. Both Starbucks and Tim Hortons offer a slight discount when you use your own mug (you might even end up with a little more coffee than you expected!).
  • #6: Say no to bottled water. There are multiple UV-filtered water stations around campus, making it easy for you to quench your thirst on the spot, or fill up your reusable bottle.
  • #7: Volunteer for green projects. Small actions can make a big difference. Come out with Langara to plant new trees, remove invasive species, or give back to the community. See the latest volunteer opportunities on offer through Langara’s C-Change program.
  • #8: If you’re a smoker, field strip your cigarettes. The filters on cigarettes are not biodegradable and cigarette butts not only look unsightly, but can pollute our waterways and beaches when thrown in sewer grates. Learn how to field strip your cigarettes here.

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Do you have any tips to share? We’d love to hear them. Send your green tips to

APAG #5 Sustainability Committee

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