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Fire alarm testing: Apr 30

Dear faculty and staff:

Further to the last update on the Langara Post, we have been working hard to remediate the Science and Technology Building (T Building) to get it up and running. We are pleased to confirm that the classrooms and gallery space in T Building are on schedule to be re-opened in time for the summer semester starting May 5. Renovation work on the faculty and RES offices will continue in to the early summer.

Fire alarm testing
In preparation for the partial re-opening of T Building, we will be testing the fire alarm system and all life safety systems in the building (elevators, alarms, doors, fans, generator, etc.). This is normal safety protocol, and a requirement before we can officially occupy the building.

We plan to start with an initial test on Tuesday, April 30 at 9:00 am. If any issues are identified, they will be fixed, and the system will be tested again. This cycle will continue over a few days until the system is operating properly, and the test period is estimated to run from Apr 30 until May 3 latest. The test will only occur in the T Building, as well as limited testing in the Library Building as the fire alarm systems are interconnected between the buildings.

We understand that some individuals may find the testing distressing and stressful. We would like to remind employees that support is available 24/7 through our Employee and Family Assistance program. You can also speak with your supervisor or union representative for additional options.

Stay informed
Please check the Langara Post for the latest updates (the Langara Post website is updated regularly; the enewsletter is sent out on Tuesdays).

Thank you for your continued patience as we rebuild our campus. I look forward to providing you with the next update.

Dwayne Doornbosch,
Director, Facilities Department 

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