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Langara Post Paper Dress

Paper Couture Exhibition at Oakridge Centre

Congratulations to our first-year Design Formation students on the amazing Paper Couture Exhibition now on display at Oakridge Centre until May 12.

The exhibition is a showcase of 24 handcrafted gowns, inspired by couture fashion and re-created by students using a variety of recyclable white or brown paper, tissue, tapes, glue, spray paint, adhesives, paper twine, coffee filters, cardboard, string, thumbtacks, and other raw materials.

This year, Oakridge Centre is supporting the exhibit and our students even further by hosting a People’s Choice contest.

Simply vote for your favourite gown for the chance at winning a $500 Oakridge Centre Gift Card. PLUS, the student designer with the most votes will win a $500 student bursary!

Vote now!

Thanks to Oakridge Centre, and congratulations to our incredibly talented Design Formation students!

Kevin Smith – Design Formation

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