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Presentation remotes in classrooms

Classrooms at Langara are equipped with a PowerPoint Presentation remote. This device is also known as a PPT, clicker, or presenter. These are a useful tool to show your class exactly what you are pointing to and allows you to continue your presentation from anywhere in the room. They are stored in lockboxes beside lecterns or inside the lectern itself.

In 2018, over 100 of these devices went missing. At $60 each, this cost the College over $6000. Below are some tips to help bring this loss down and maximize PPT battery life:

  • Please return the PPT to the lockbox and lock it when you leave the room. If no lockbox is present, please leave the PPT in the lectern.
  • Before returning the PPT to the lockbox or lectern, please check that the PPT is turned off.
  • Each PPT is programmed for the equipment in its specific room. Please do not take the PPT to another room, as it will not work.

If you notice an issue with a PPT, please submit an IT ticket.

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