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What is a Langaran? Meet the Langarans of Community Day

Throughout our Beyond 49 anniversary campaign, we’ve referred to our  community of Langarans, but what does this word really mean? We are Langarans. We are the faculty and staff that make Langara College such an incredible place to work every day. Langarans are also the network of former students, alumni, retirees, and students who have been part of our journey over the past 49 years.

We are excited to announce that many Langarans will return to campus on Saturday, June 15 to be part of our Community Day presented by RBC Royal Bank activities. From food truck owners to entertainers, these individuals really show what it means to be a Langaran.

We wanted to take the time to share their stories and showcase the talent and skills. The Langarans of Community Day as we follow a select group of Langarans and share their stories – their connection to Langara, what they are doing now, and what Langara means to them. They come from different areas of the College and the experience and knowledge they received during from their time at Langara have helped them to become active members of their communities.

Meet some of the Langarans of Community Day

  • Asacia Biln (pictured above) is a Langara School of Management grad who will be serving up some of her handmade, gluten-free, all natural ice cream sandwiches.
  • Continuing Studies Singer-Songwriter grad, Lyndsay Ferguson will play with her band ‘Lyndsay Wills and the No Frills String Band’ on the Intercultural Stage.
  • Langara’s own, Flash the Falcon will be at Flash’s Recreation Range in the Kids’ Zone.
  • Matthew Bains, a Recreational Leadership alum is taking a break from teaching to volunteer in the Kids’ Zone.
  • Amanda Waschuk, a Photography Program alum, is coming back to help as one of our resident photographers for the day.
  • Marc Perez received the CNF First Prize in the Langara Writing Contest and will be appearing in the Strangers on a Train Speaker Series.

Check out Langara’s Instagram and Facebook accounts to learn more about some of our Langarans of Community Day and where they will be on June 15. Help us share their stories, they could be your former student, colleague, or a success story from your department.

Join us on Saturday, June 15 and support your fellow Langarans.

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