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Langara Library

Free writing tutoring for students

Are your students having difficulties with their written assignments?

Langara offers students two free tutoring services: The Writing Centre (in the library outside L108) and WriteAway.

In the Writing Centre, peer and faculty tutors review the students’ assignments and provide feedback to help those students improve their own work. Each session lasts about 20 minutes.

For WriteAway, students upload their assignments as a Word document, and a tutor provides in-text comments and feedback based on scripts that direct the student to additional resources. Students can resubmit each assignment, with revisions, up to three times. WriteAway tutors try to respond to assignments within 48 hours, but at peak times, students might have to wait longer.

In both services, tutors focus on big questions like the following:

• Does the paper meet the requirements of the assignment?
• If it’s an essay, does it have all the necessary components?
• Are body paragraphs organized effectively?
• Are sources cited correctly by whichever system the instructor requires?

Both services are designed to teach students the skills they need to improve their own work. In neither the Writing Centre nor WriteAway can tutors proofread or edit papers for grammar.

If you would like more information about the Writing Centre or WriteAway, please contact the Writing Centre Co-ordinator (summer semester), Greg Holditch at or visit WriteAway.

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