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Workday@Langara Viewpoint: Alyssa Piperni, HCM (People and Culture)

In addition to our status updates on Workday@Langara, we’ll also be sharing individual viewpoints from across our community who have roles within the project. Here, Alyssa Piperni from the HCM (People and Culture) team shares her thoughts.

As the lead on our recruitment module in the HCM (People and Culture) workstream, I am responsible for how we will recruit and onboard new employees within Workday. I feel confident that Workday will help showcase Langara as an employer of choice by improving the experience of new employees.

In April, we entered the Configure and Prototype phase for Wave 1A of the project, where we’re able to see how the processes we worked out in the Plan and Architect phase actually function in Workday. My team and I have been testing our first prototype (a test version of the system) and working with our implementation partner Deloitte to continue to build and improve on our processes for the next version.

A big part of the work we are doing is meeting with different stakeholders and subject matter experts across the College. This has included working with experts from Continuing Studies, Office of the Academic Deans and Faculty, and Student Services. They are lending their time and insights to help make this project a success and we couldn’t do this without them!

Learning about the operations of different parts of the College and working with new people has been one of the highlights of joining the project. I also appreciate the chance to advance my knowledge of HR systems and project management.

Over the past four years at Langara, I’ve held three positions (HR Services Clerk, HR Associate, and Recruitment Associate) and the range of experience has been really helpful to me on this project.

Much like a lot of our current processes, recruitment has been done manually and often outside of our existing systems. We want to recruit the best talent and to do that we need quick turnaround times and an easy-to-use application process.

I truly believe that the transition to Workday will help leaders, faculty, staff, and future employees alike. The recruitment team is really excited about the opportunities this system will bring and plan to utilize all the available tools Workday has to offer!

-Alyssa Piperni
Module Lead, Recruitment, HCM (People and Culture)

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