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Office of the President this summer

Dear Colleagues,

Many of you are aware that I have continued to engage in my scholarly work by researching, writing, and publishing papers in peer reviewed journals. My role as Langara’s third President allows me to leverage in a very practical way the things I learned and researched since completing my Ed.D. I remain deeply interested in the thought leadership in the higher education leadership academic discipline. That interest has manifested in my teaching from time to time in SFU’s Doctoral program, and most recently in a collaboration with our colleague Dr. John Russell on a paper about academic freedom and free expression on campus.

Academic freedom and freedom of expression are foundational for a healthy and thriving democracy. I want to take the work that John and I have done on this important topic and turn it into a book. Langara’s Board of Governors has been kind enough to extend me a short sabbatical this summer, to provide me the time and space required for the writing process. There is allowance for sabbatical time included in my contract and given the importance and timeliness of this subject matter, I have chosen to utilise this time to write a book.

During my absence from mid-July to mid-September, Dr. Ben Cecil will be acting for the President, and I will remain available to the College should any major issues arise. I am very grateful to Ben for agreeing to take on these additional responsibilities. All matters pertaining to the President’s Office should still be directed to my office via Alice Hsu, and all matters pertaining to the Board Office should continue to be directed there via Diana Falcon.

While I will miss my colleagues and work at Langara during this time, I am looking forward to the opportunity to complete the book and know that I will return in September renewed and ready to reengage in my duties for the College.


Lane Trotter,
President and CEO

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