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The Little Yellow Rubber Ducky Race winner!

On behalf of the International Olympic Committee, I am pleased to be able to announce the grand winner of the thrilling race in the library pond last week – it was Irene Ho, one of the wonderful gals/guys from Security here, with Ducky #153. After the race, I.O.C. officials of course took a little yellow sample from the winning ducky, to test for banned performance enhancing drugs – and #153 proved to be a clean as a whistle – so clearly it’s a quack performer, who doesn’t need drugs to succeed!

The event raised just over $400 for United Way, net of the $50 cash prize for Irene. Our Langara U.W. Committee is considering a second such race in the Fall, before the Library Pond is drained in preparation for the winter – so please consider squirrelling away a few toonies, for a chance for sporting glory then!

And a big thanks to everyone who sponsored duckies this time!

Official Little Yellow Rubber Ducky Race Marshal Alan

United Way Employee Campaign Committee

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