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QAPA: The final stage

We’re ready to talk about the final stage of the Quality Assurance Process Audit (QAPA): the Post-Site Visit. The first three stages were covered in our previous Post articles: First things first, The second stage, and What happens during the Site Visit?.

After the site visit is complete, the QAPA team will provide a report on their findings to the Degree Quality Assessment Board (DQAB). DQAB will review the report and provide the institution with a copy to review in order to prepare a response. We will then have up to three months to prepare a response to the report or, if necessary, offer clarification. Once DQAB receives the institution response, they will begin preparing a summary.

The summary will incorporate the Institution Report, the External Review Report and the Institution Response. It will be posted on both DQAB’s and our websites. Depending on the outcome of this summary, we may be asked to provide an institution progress report as well.

The next QAPA cycle will take place no later than eight years after the completion of our first QAPA.

Now that we’ve covered the four stages of QAPA, get ready to test your knowledge in next week’s Post article!

Sunita Wiebe
QAPA Project Director

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