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Child Development Centre staff changes

It is with mixed emotions that I announce changes at Langara’s Child Development Centre. After 41 years of faithful service, Ruth Bancroft, Head Teacher, is retiring.

For the countless children (and parents) that Ruth has taught over the years, she was awarded Langara’s Service Excellence Award in 2013. This year, she received the 2019 Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Early Childhood Education.

Ruth’s last day is July 31st, 2019. At Ruth’s request, no celebration is planned.

Ruth, on behalf of the entire community, thank you! We wish you the best in your new ventures.

I would like to extend my congratulations to Teresa Reyes-Cambronero (Tess), who will begin her new role as Head Teacher of Langara’s Child Development Centre on July 29, 2019. I am also pleased to announce that Jade Wollman is the successful candidate in the newly created Assistant Head Teacher position as of July 29, 2019.

Tess has over 12 years and Jade over 10 years of experience nurturing children at the daycare, many of who have Langara employees as parents. Both Tess and Jade have developed excellent relationships within the community, and although they have large shoes to fill, I am sure they will do a wonderful job in their new roles.

Please join me in congratulating Tess and Jade.

Best regards,

Mark Adams
Director, Ancillary Services

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