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Faculty: Review your Brightspace page links

The Library recently moved its Catalog server and Ezproxy server from the domain to the domain. Ezproxy is the part of our system that allows students and employees to continue to access full-text, subscription databases even when they are away from campus.

One consequence of this move is that we have changed the URLs that refer to these servers. Many thousands of URLs that are under the Library’s control have already been updated, but there may be other links that are embedded in Brightspace or other web pages that are out of our control. We need your help to ensure that all links are corrected. While old format URLs are still working today, they will no longer work after the end of August 2020 (note: extended from end of 2019).

Sample corrections to URLs are as follows:

You need to delete ‘bc.’ in each. (Don’t forget to delete the period!)

For Ezproxy links:

For Catalog links:

If you have any questions, please call Julie Cole, Library Systems Administrator, at local 5541 or send e-mail to

Library Services

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