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Empower Me – new resource for students

Dear staff and faculty:

Did you know that students have access to free, confidential counselling services 24/7, 365 days a year?

Students covered under the LSU Student Health & Dental Plan* can call Empower Me toll-free from anywhere in North America and ask for their preferred language (80+ languages available!)


They will be connected with a trained counsellor immediately, and get support on anything from relationships to family care, depression, anxiety, stress, conflicts, cultural adjustment, grief, gender identity, addiction, and more.

Empower Me also offers a full suite of academic life services, such as life coaching, financial planning, and nutritional counselling. Students can choose whether they want to receive support in person, by telephone, video-counselling, or e-counselling.

All counsellors hold at minimum a Master’s degree in social work, psychology, or a related counselling field. All counsellors must also have a membership in good standing with their respective professional boards.

See these FAQs for more information, or download additional Empower Me student assistance tools on the mobile app. Empower Me is run through the LSU, but endorsed by Langara College.

Learn more about Langara’s student mental health resources and how to access them here.

*Students who have opted out are still entitled to a single session. Spouses and/or dependents may also be eligible to access this service.

Tanya Miller
Mental Health Initiatives Consultant

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