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QAPA: How did you score?

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the recent QAPA Quiz! Congratulations to our winners: Peter Obelienius, Vickie Le, and Elizabeth Chong! Please contact to arrange a time to pick up your Starbucks card. Review the answers below to see how you scored.

  1. What does QAPA stand for?
    QAPA stands for Quality Assurance Process Audit.
  2. What are the four stages of QAPA?
    The QAPA process can be broken into four stages: Preparation, Institution Report, Site Visit, and Post-Site Visit.
  3. What are 3 things the Institution Report will include?
    The Institution Report covers a great deal of information. Some examples are: enrolment numbers and program offerings; details about our academic quality assurance processes; a description of our self-evaluation approach; and a self-study that explains how our review process fits with our mission, vision, and values, and how we process and work with our program review findings.
  4. When will the Site Visit take place?
    The site visit will take place in the Fall of 2020, sometime between October and December.
  5. How often will we complete the QAPA process?
    After we complete our first QAPA the cycle will be repeated no later than every 7 years after the previous audit.

We hope you are starting to feel more familiar with QAPA. In the next edition of the Post we’ll share different perspectives on quality assurance from the Langara community.

Sunita Wiebe
QAPA Project Director

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