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Workday@Langara Viewpoint: Michelle Carter

In addition to our status updates on Workday@Langara, we’ll also be sharing individual viewpoints from across our community who have roles within the project. Here, Michelle Carter, the Operations & Administrative Manager for Student Services and one of our Change Ambassadors, shares her thoughts.

I became a Change Ambassador so I could support my colleagues in Student Services and be a direct link between them and the project team.

As a Change Ambassador, I attend monthly meetings with the over 35 ambassadors and one of the things I enjoy most is hearing the different perspectives of colleagues who I wouldn’t normally see. It’s been great to meet faculty and staff and gain a better understanding about how they work.

For me, being involved in Workday@Langara helps me feel more prepared for the changes coming with Workday going live in January. Since my role includes finance and human resources work, I thought it was important that I kept up with the project and shared that knowledge with Student Services.

Personally, I really love change. When I was in the military, I would be posted to a new unit every two years, each position was a chance to learn something new and an opportunity to improve the way we operated, making processes more effective. A popular saying within the military is “adapt and overcome” – I think this is a great way of thinking that links directly to change.

Given my background, perhaps it won’t surprise you that the thing I am most excited about in Workday is its efficiency!

One of the changes that I am most looking forward to is a faster hiring process. As part of my current role, I assist in the hiring for CUPE, LFA, and administrative roles. It is time-consuming obtaining the relevant signatures on the necessary paperwork that then needs to be submitted to HR.

I know it can be easy for these long-term projects to fall into the background when we are all so busy with day-to-day demands, so being an ambassador keeps me informed and involved. I enjoy being a part of this diverse team and am excited for the great changes to come!

Michelle Carter
Operations & Administrative Manager for Student Services
Workday@Langara Change Ambassador

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