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QAPA: Community perspective

The Quality Assessment Process Audit (QAPA) is a large project that will involve and affect everyone in the college. We reached out to different members of our college community to ask how they would define academic quality assurance.

Quality assurance, to me, involves having a set of standards, comparing the actual performance of the system to those standards, and then taking steps to bring performance in line with those standards, when needed.  And, of course documenting the process because quality assurance done without documentation didn’t happen.

To apply this to an academic system requires standards – both for the performance and for the comparison of performance to standards.  The “easiest” way to accomplish this is through external accreditation – easy because someone else makes the standards – it downloads that responsibility.  Our career program has that accreditation, and while a major effort to prove that we meet those standards it is essential to the performance of the program and the profession we teach to.

  • Monica Molag, Department Chair, Nutrition and Food Service Management

Academic quality assurance is necessary to keep Langara on par with other Canadian public post-secondary institutions. To me, this means making sure that our degrees and credentials are legitimate and just as good as (or better than!) what is being offered at other institutions in Canada. Academic quality assurance ensures that a BBA or Diploma from Langara is just as valuable and respected as a credential from another post-secondary institution.

  • Melia Fernandez, Associate Registrar, Registrar & Enrolment Services

We look forward to sharing more community perspectives on QAPA as we continue the process.

Sunita Wiebe
QAPA Project Director

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