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Facilities services everyone should know

Ever wonder if Facilities is the right department to contact? Take a look at the list below for highlights on some of the basic essential services Facilities provides to staff members.

Highlight #1–Employee Absences: Absences must be reported to the College switchboard located in the Facilities department. How absences are reported depends on the time of day you call. If you are reporting an absence anytime between:

  • 1630 to 0745 hours (Switchboard closed): please leave a clear message on the sickline at 604-323-5589
  • 0745 to 1630 hours (Switchboard open): please call the switchboard at 604-323-5511 (ext. 0) to speak to an operator to report your absence

Please note: in addition to calling Facilities, staff and faculty must personally notify their departments. Instructors must also advise Facilities of any classes or labs that need to be cancelled during their absence.

Please read the Absence Reporting article for more information on the correct procedures to report an absence.

Highlight #2–Health & Safety: Health and safety is one of Facilities most important responsibilities to the College and its employees. One of the many ways Facilities strive to help make Langara College safer is by offering a Safewalk service and Working Alone check-in service after hours. Security is also on hand should an emergency arise.

All employees should check out the Safety Service for Employees & Emergency and Safety procedures articles to keep up to date about the services available to them.

Highlight #3–Parking Passes: Come to the Facilities department to register for an employee general lot parking pass. The college has 3 types of employee passes: Permanent, Temporary and Preferred. The kind of pass an employee can register for depends on their eligibility. Parking passes are a taxable benefit, regardless, of the type of pass you have. Fill out an Impark parking application form today to get your pass for the Fall 2019 semester.

Please look at the Langara Employee Parking Pass article for more information.

Highlight #4–Office Move Procedures: Do you have an office move coming up? To help make your move smoother, please see Office Move Procedures on how to schedule the move and prepare your office for the big day.

Highlight #5–College Keys: Keys are issued by Facilities based on department approval and can be requested by filling out a Key Request form. Make sure to have your department sign the form before submission as unsigned forms will not be processed. Once the keys are ready an email will be sent to staff for pick-up.

As a Langara keyholder, please help us keep our campus safe and secure, by following the procedures outlined in the College Keys article.

Highlight #6–Meeting Room Booking: Langara College meeting rooms can be booked through the Employee Meeting Room Booking link in the myLangara portal. Should a cancellation occur and the room is no longer needed please remember to remove your reservation so others can use the room. Click here to learn more about meeting room procedures and guidelines.

These are just some of the most commonly used services Facilities oversees. Feel free to email us at should you have any questions regarding any of the services above. Thank you for your attention.

Facilities Department

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