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Postering guidelines

Dear staff and faculty:

As the fall term begins, and you are considering putting up posters (notices/bulletins/advertisements), we would like to remind you of the postering guidelines:

  • Non-College posters must be stamped and approved by the Facilities Department*. Unauthorized posters will be removed.
  • Posters should only be put up in designated areas such as bulletin boards.
  • Poster content must not contravene the College Human Rights policy.
  • Please use painters tape (green tape) to minimize damage to the wall paint.

*with exceptions as noted on the Guideline on Bulletin Boards & Posters.

You can read the full Guideline on Bulletin Boards & Posters as well as other notices (anti-graffiti, pest prevention, priority elevator use) on the Facilities Guidelines page.

Facilities Services

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