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 MG 1836

Meeting room booking etiquette

Booking a meeting room? Here are a few reminders:

  • When reserving a meeting room, please provide the required information on the online booking site so it is clear as to the purpose of the meeting and who made the booking.
  • If you cancel or make changes to your booking please remove or revise the booking online so that others can see that the room is now available. There have been a number of occasions where a room has been booked then it sits empty during the reserved time, which means the meeting had been changed or cancelled and the site has not been updated.
  • Please shut off and secure all equipment (especially the projector) so equipment doesn’t burn out, and if you’ve changed the seating plan of the room, please reset the furniture so that the room is ready for the next group.

For further information and guidelines on booking a meeting room, please visit the Employee Meeting Room Booking page on myLangara.

Facilities Department

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