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Oct 4 – Student Conduct & Academic Integrity Unconference

October 4th, 2019
10:30 am–12:30 pm
Room C408

Faculty and staff are invited to attend an unconference on the topic of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity. An unconference is a meeting that is driven by participants for participants. This informal setting encourages the sharing of information and ideas by all participants.

No agenda is set before arrival for an unconference, instead the schedule of events is designed by attendees at the start of the day. Once the agenda is agreed upon, there will be break-out sessions to discuss these items. In the case of this unconference, topics could be diverse as punctuality, late assignments, cheating, plagiarism, and managing classroom dynamics. Attendees will drive the agenda.

The purpose for this gathering is three-fold: 1) to share faculty and staff perspectives on student conduct issues specific to our community; 2) to share information, skills, and activities we use in our classrooms to prevent or to manage student conduct issues; and 3) to inform how the Teaching and Curriculum Development Centre, Student Conduct and Judicial Affairs, the Office of Internationalization and the Academic Integrity Committee  can support the Langara community in issues related to student conduct and academic integrity going forward.

We hope that you will register to attend the unconference. Refreshments will be served.

Teaching and Curriculum Development Centre (TCDC)

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