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Adopt-a-Plot garden winners

After two rounds of judging (once during the Beyond 49 Community Day, once in September), we are pleased to announce the winners of Langara’s Adopt-a-Plot Gardening Contest:

First Round Winner: Plot #6 (Jennifer Cheddie & Student Services)
Second Round Winner: Plot #1 (Mark Dawson & family)
Overall Winner: Plot #4 (Patricia Wong & group)

A big congratulations goes out to all the participants of the contest. Each one of you have been wonderful gardeners who have taken the time to nurture plants from seedlings to full grown plants. Thank you also to the judges and participants. This couldn’t have been done without you. You have created a beautiful place that will be enjoyed by many for a long time.

Mário Moniz de Sá
Instructor, Biology
Dwayne Doornbosch
Director, Facilities

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