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Course Materials – Digital and Print

Course Material Requisitions
The Bookstore is now accepting course material requisitions for the Spring 2020 term.

The deadline for submission is October 18th, 2019.
Submissions are accepted after the deadline. Late submissions will be addressed in order of arrival and could be subject to delays.

Requisitions can be submitted physically or electronically. We need the following information:

  • Department
  • Course Number
  • Section Number
  • Estimated Full Enrollment
  • All the course materials required for the class and whether they are required or optional.
  • Please let the Bookstore know if you are engaging in any pilot projects or are working on a specific arrangement with a publisher.
  • Please specify if there are any ancillary resources (SIMNET, MyLab, Launchpad, etc) included with the textbooks.

For Courseware (i.e. readings and/or course notes which are printed at the Langara Printshop for resale in the Bookstore), you need to complete 3 forms, available in the mailroom:

  1. Textbook Requisition Form with Courseware listed as required or optional
  2. Courseware Production Requisition
  3. Copyright Permissions Request and Self-Tracking Form – Please speak to the copyright office to get access to this form: 604.323.5467

Please submit all Courseware forms to the Bookstore Buying Office.

The Bookstore can now sell many items in a digital format. Please let us know if you have any questions about how you can use digital course materials.

Messages to Students
The Bookstore can also post messages to students on their booklists. It is limited to 430 characters per class. Let us know if you have any messaging you’d like to include.

Desk Copies
You can order Desk Copies directly from the publisher’s representative by checking “Faculty Resources, Desk and Exam Copies” on our website for contact information. Or feel free to contact the Buying Office in the Bookstore for assistance.

Open Educational Resources
The Bookstore is a proud partner of Open Langara. For information on how the Bookstore can support your open education initiatives, please contact us at

Langara Bookstore


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